How Using Quality Paintball Paint Will Drastically Improve Your Paintball Game

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Paintball is a game that has gained quite a bit of steam over the years as more people have been introduced to it. While paintball originally started out as a game to play as a hobby with a few friends, it has evolved into something much bigger, with professional teams getting started and the game transitioning into a full on sport. Paintball is a popular event for friends, company events and team building, bachelor parties, birthday parties and more. No matter how often you go paintballing, the competitor in you is always going to want to get the advantage and win the games, and by using quality paintball paint, you can improve your game by quite a bit.

Unless you are somewhat of an expert in paintball, this information might be new to you, and very helpful. The thing is, there is more than one type of paintball paint that you can buy, and it gets broken down to what level of paintball you are going to be playing at. There are three different levels of paintball paint that you can buy, which are cheap recreational paintballs, mid-grade paintballs, and tournament paintballs. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Recreational paintballs are probably that ones that you have been using if you only play paintball as a hobby from time to time with your friends. You can buy cheap paintball paint like this at any paintball facility, and it will do the job and should run you around $30 a case if you buy online and around $45 a case at the paintball facility. There are a few levels of this kind of recreational paintball paint as well. Some of the lower end discount paintballs are actually re-shelled, or recycled from older spent or damaged paintballs. This cheaper type of paintball paint is not highly recommended as it tends to break in the gun and will not be as accurate due to slight deformations in the paintball shell. A slightly higher grade of recreational paintball paint should hold up a bit better for the average player. At the recreational level, these paintballs range anywhere from about $30-$50 for a case of 2000, with the shell having a moderate thickness, a runny fill, and occasions where the balls will not break on impact and simply bounce off.

As stated, using quality paintball paint will help improve your game, and so you might be interested in the mid-grade level as this is the most popular type of paint. This is still pretty inexpensive, running you anywhere from $45-$60 for a case of 2000 if you buy from a good online retailer, $50-$75 a case at a typical paintball arena. These mid-grade paintballs have more complexions, less dimples, with a smoother shell and a thicker level of paint on the inside. These mid-grade paintballs will give you better accuracy and will break more often upon impact.

Finally, you have the tournament level paintballs. You can buy paintball paint of this caliber at most paintball shops, and at most facilities; it will run you between $65-$90 for a case of 2000. You can definitely find better deals on pro paintball paint online. These are the best paintballs that you can get, with the highest accuracy, the thickest level of paint, and will almost always break on impact. However if you are not using a high quality paintball gun the thinness of these paintballs might be a factor. These thin paintballs are meant to be sure to burst, if the balls bounce off your target, how does anyone know that you hit them? If you want to improve your game to the maximum, you need this caliber of paintball paint and a quality paintball gun to fire them.

For those of you who only play from time to time, recreational paint will suffice just fine. If you are in the least bit serious about paintball and want to get better at your game, consider moving up to the mid-grade and tournament level paintball paint. You will not be disappointed!